Superstition Mountains Elopement in Arizona

This Elopement in Arizona is a dream come true with Amber and Charlie at the Superstition Mountains. They were able to experience an amazing picnic by Salt and Sage picnics in Arizona. She set up a beautiful boho neutrals picnic for them in front of the mountain views, and we got to see horses running around, and lots of cacti 3 times bigger than us. It was truly amazing and so stunning to see! I’m from the east coast, so getting to see views like this and experience cacti was literally amazing and so DANG COOL. Call me lame, but it was one of the highlights of my trip!! Amber and Charlie danced around like kids and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in an elopement setting. They truly focused on themselves and their love the whole time. Charlie kept hyping Amber up and calling her beautiful, making corny cute jokes, and being the best man he could be for her and I was MELTING. I can’t wait to go back to AZ and experience this beautiful state again!

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